My review of WebcamMax…what I use for VGTV!

Lately I have been experimenting with “VGTV”..basically a streaming video of my desktop. Players can watch me play Vanguard, or can watch me draw or do my work. Overall, it has drawn a good deal of viewers, or at least a decent enough stream of viewers.

A small history: (although you probably know this or you wouldn’t be at this site.) I do a podcast for the MMORPG called “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.” It’s a great game, but to be honest, the community makes it what it is. I wanted to try new ways to communicate with them, so I looked into doing a streaming podcast, a live video podcast or a live version of my game.

So I searched and found this product called “WebCamMAx.” Basically it is a web cam utility that allows you to do many fun things with your web cam like add effects, split the signal, or add funny images over the web cam image.

Most importantly, it allows you to stream your desktop. Basically, you choose WebCamMAx as the camera, and it acts as though you had the webcam pointed at your computer screen, but with much more clarity. I am using it to stream a live show of my character running around in the world of Telon. Players can tune in with just their browser, and I can write on the screen to tell them if I need something, or when I am taking a break.

A very nice feature allows you to just stream a certain sized area of your desktop. I simply indicate an area small enough that it leaves room for the chat window and browser. I can chat with the players, choose music, and do other things without disturbing the stream.

I am waiting on the program to come in a 64 bit version, (PLEASE hurry guys! hehe) so I can use it on my “beefier” machine, making it all run much much smoother. Actually, it runs pretty darn well on my old machine: a 3500+ dual core, 2 gigs ram, a 7900 Nvidia card, and a good OLD Audigy sound card. I can’t wait to get it on the bigger machine…wow. I’ll have a larger monitor, a bigger desktop, and more power.

That’s why I am loving this thing. It’s almost as though I am doing one of those “live on webcam” experiments, but the camera is in a virtual world!

WebCamMax, for a free program (it is free as long as the WebCamMAx icon is floated on the top, to remove it, you pay for it) is great! The interface is easy to understand, and for all that this little old PC is doing, it runs pretty well. I can stream in real time, chat and manipulate the image. I love it.

So that’s my lil review: WebCamMax is the only program that has worked for me, and I am using it 4-8 hours a day. I can’t wait to see how else the progrma will help me in my experiments!


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2 Responses

  1. The webcam idea sounds great! I’d watch. Just let us know when you will be streaming. I’m not subscribed at the moment…not sure I can stay this way long…I need to get back to Vanguard. But for now I would sit and watch you play. My wife showed me a similar app that you may want to look into: jing ( Watch their Video Tour. With Jing you could record 5 minute segments and email or post a link to it.

  2. VG TV is back, sweet news

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