Vanguard Community Podcast #1!

Hey everyone!

Download here.

Listen to this new Community Interview, featuring Jonquin and Seidian from my NEW guild, Ancient Valor! I am going to be doing these lil mini-cast at least once a week, or maybe more. I want to get the community interviewed more, but don’t want to put out even more space-hogging podcasts on Virginworlds delicate server! :)

So, I will host this myself. If you know a community member that you want interviewed, let me know. Send me an email and I’ll get em on the show! I want this to be a frequently updated, separate podcast from the “regular” podcast, so let’s get to work! :)


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2 Responses

  1. I think I found your goat cage, not sure if it the same one she was talking of though.

    Goat Cage
    Item Level 1(Common)

    Mountain goat Pet. Click to spawn pet. Required Race Lesser Giant

    Reward From Quest Delivering on a Promise

    * Halgarad

  2. Sweet, thanks!


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